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About Our Store

Our store comprises of thousands of products that are needed in everyday life. We know what consumers need and the fact that they need it cheaply. We have an online store where we sell products at reduced price. No retailer, distributor, wholeseller or any other involved end users can purchase from manufacurers directly at a reduced price. This makes it a unique concept and there is none like it in the Direct Selling Industry.

We have quality products gotten directly from manufacturers and we sell to consumers at a heavily discounted price when compared to the market price. Members of our platform can seize this unique opportunity by purchasing their everyday needs from the store. As a member, when you refer someone, you will earn commission with which you can redeem on the website as vouchers and use them to purchase any item of your choice in the store. Your purchased items will be shipped to your in your preferred location according to your details in the checkout page. You can also gift vouchers to your referrals, which they can redeem and use for shopping in our store too. We combine affordability and quality to give you the best.


Direct Selling and Network Marketing

The Downliners is a Direct Selling Company. We offer you the opportunity of building your life using the power of a team.
Most people are not bothered about their financial future, while others have resolved to manage their present conditions thinking it cannot be changed. We believe that joining a Direct Selling company such as ours is one of the smartest things you can do to secure your future. Direct Selling is a business model that appeals to many because it helps you to become your boss while you take charge of your time and finance. We have the most convenient and flexible leadership structure in Direct Selling. We understand why most Direct Selling fail and we have leverage on such failures to build a solid business foundation and structure. We are a lifestyle based Direct Selling, and we are focused on the needs of our members. Direct Selling is meant for anyone that is willing to see a change in lifestyle. It’s meant for those that are ready to take charge of their future in the quest for financial freedom and passive income.

Direct selling might not be a new concept to you. It’s a unique method of distribution that benefits both parties involved. Till now, most people are still in the dark regarding the idea of direct selling and what it entails. Direct selling is a means of selling your products to customers without the retailers or intermediaries getting involved. It ultimately strikes out the role of retailers. This is the primary reason why most products get to the final consumer at a rather high price. But since the retailer cannot take his profit on any products in our store, consumers can purchase them at a ridiculously low price.

The Downliners is not your regular network company. Our strategies and modules are unique and different. We combine our unique Network Marketing system with direct selling. By doing this, we connect manufacturers with end users in an organized platform for smooth business deals. Our direct selling system is one that allows our members to earn a point through our referral programs. Such points can be gathered and used to purchase quality products direct from manufacturers in our online store. We have brought a means of bridging the gap between the rich and the poor through our advanced network platform. Through this platform, our members can have direct access to the highest quality products in the market at an exclusively low price. Our store comprises of products ranging from health to kitchen utensils and even fashion. We have stocked our store with products that are necessary for daily living. Members don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for cheap products to buy online at an affordable price. Our store has all your needs. What’s more? Our members also have the opportunity of earning from our platform through our unique referral system. The Downliners offers products to customers direct from manufacturers. Our customers can purchase our products online irrespective of their locations. And we will ship the goods to their stipulated address. By getting such high-quality products at a cheap rate, we are helping them to make huge profits, expand their businesses, and build their customer base in their various countries. Our products are what the average consumer needs for everyday living.

We have one of the best innovative direct selling concepts in the industry. Direct selling is a huge business nowadays. It offers many opportunities for financial liberation. Are you willing to change your financial status? Then consider joining our direct selling system. We have excellent offers and opportunities for our members (leaders and marketers). You can’t afford to miss it!

We are planning to make our leaders and partners retail partners so they could sell our product officially in their various localities. This is an opportunity for big business. And there is no better time to join the train other than now. With this method, all the profit that is supposed to accrue to retailers will be shared among our leaders and marketers. Still, our product will be sold at lesser rates compared to the market price.

Aside from these, we sell high-quality products that will last long if they are not perishable. We don’t want you ever to miss such an offer, because it’s not common. Join us today by registering with the most rusted Direct Selling company. There are no strict terms and conditions as well as no hidden charges.


Our Lifecycle

We have the most straightforward lifecycle mechanism in the Direct Selling structure. You don’t have to go through any hassles become you can become a member of this platform. We have put all tool in place to ensure you enjoy every bit of your experience with us. Our registration is done online at no cost to you.

To become a member, you will be required to purchase a package ranging from 5000 (PKRS) to 30,000 (PKRS). This is to enable you to recruit other members under your structure. After your successful registration, you will earn Money once anyone signs up under you. You can use them to purchase products online, we will ship the goods to your preferred location. Our members can have more than one account, and they will be able to earn multiple times through them. With this, you can quickly grow your team and make good money through the power of team building. When you build your referral system, you can make enough money through your team’s effort. You can redeem your coins through voucher on our website. You can gift out coins to any of your referrals in your structure. You can create an e-voucher so other members can use coins in your account.


Hybrid Network Generation Plans

Our Hybrid Network plan is based on the Advanced Advanced Network Generation system. Your referrals can join under the parent Hybrid Network. There are up to 10 levels of referral registrations if no sponsor is available; then the referral will go to the admin (system).

If a certain sponsor does not have a suitable matching plan position, then the referral will be allocated to another sponsor that has a matching referral position, up to 10 level more. Remember this is an advanced Network Generation system. Hence, if any of your referrals purchase more than one package, you will have more than two referrals under you, and it will be placed under your structure Stage by Stage.


5000 (PKRS)
Stage 1 1500 PKRS
Stage 2 500 PKRS
Stage 3 1000 PKRS
Stage 4 1500 PKRS
Stage 5 2000 PKRS
Stage 6 6000 PKRS
Stage 7 9600 PKRS
Stage 8 12800 PKRS
Stage 9 12800 PKRS
Stage 10 25600 PKRS
Total Earnings 73300 (PKRS)
15000 (PKRS)
Stage 1 4500 PKRS
Stage 2 1500 PKRS
Stage 3 3000 PKRS
Stage 4 4500 PKRS
Stage 5 6000 PKRS
Stage 6 18000 PKRS
Stage 7 28800 PKRS
Stage 8 38400 PKRS
Stage 9 38400 PKRS
Stage 10 76800 PKRS
Total Earnings 219900 (PKRS)
30000 (PKRS)
Stage 1 9000 PKRS
Stage 2 3000 PKRS
Stage 3 6000 PKRS
Stage 4 9000 PKRS
Stage 5 12000 PKRS
Stage 6 36000 PKRS
Stage 7 57600 PKRS
Stage 8 76800 PKRS
Stage 9 76800 PKRS
Stage 10 153600 PKRS
Total Earnings 439800 (PKRS)


A leader is someone who creates a vision; the motivates and inspire others to become part of that vision. Sometimes, you don’t have to have followers to become a good leader. Being a leader is one of the most important skills you should be willing to develop to succeed in network marketing. You might be thinking you can’t achieve a leadership status because you don’t have anyone to lead yet, this is a wrong idea because leadership starts with prospecting and persistence. The road to being a successful leader is a tough one while prospecting; you might not get the results you expected from the very onset. But once, you start getting results; the sky could be your starting point.

To succeed in network marketing, you have to learn the skill for effective leadership at the early stages of prospecting. This means, you don’t learn to become a leader on the job but before the onset of the position. In network marketing, it’s not just enough to call yourself a leader without showing the qualities of a real leader.

The Downliners, we will help you to understand the full concept of leadership. We acknowledge the fact that network marketing is the fastest growing forms of entrepreneurship today. It helps you to build your own company through the efforts of another company. Here are some leadership benefits we offer to any leader in our organization.


The Downliners offers you the opportunity to leverage the company’s effort and build your own business. There is no other way to make your brand easily other than using the effort of others. We help you to get the product you can sell at the cheap rate when compared to the market price. We take pride in the fact that we are helping people to build and shape their lives for the future.


We are in the business of helping other companies succeed. When you join us, you will become part of part of a goal-driven team/family that has your best interest in mind. In network marketing, you can’t succeed alone. If you don’t help other members of your network tree to grow, it will adversely affect you, in the sense that you will not earn and go higher in the leadership ranks. Here, we all work as a team, support one another for the growth of all.


The most significant benefit you can achieve as a leader with our organization is the ability to impact and change lives. With the right use of Social Media, you can reach out to millions

of people and show them this unique business concept too. You can also show them our store, where they can buy cheap items of excellent quality.
Aside from these, The Downliners offers you other numerous benefits and perks that are associated with leadership. Since we have impacted positively on your life, we want you also to tell others about our company and why they should come to join us.


The Downliners, we believe referrals is the pillar of every business. Building a strong referral system is not a mere joke. You have to put on your thinking cap and act like a professional. The first step is to understand the business you are referring others to, then; develop and master the art of public speaking using the right grammar and language. You have to be proud of who you are, a network marketer. Remember you have to see yourself as a professional and act like one before your prospects take you seriously.

Every Direct Selling has its unique compensation system. The Downliners, you can earn either through direct selling or our unique referral system. Either way, you are guaranteed income.
You will discover the power of team building with us. We offer a Hybrid Networ Generation structure that best explains the strategies of the company. Our Hybrid Network system is all that makes us different from others.

Silver Star
Positions Referrals Downline
1 10 20
Commission Positions Commission
20 Upto 10%
Brown Star
Positions Referrals Downline
1 30 40
Commission Positions Commission
150 Upto 15%
Gold Star
Positions Referrals Downline
1 50 200
Commission Positions Commission
450 Upto 20%
Positions Referrals Downline
1 70 650
Commission Positions Commission
1400 Upto 25%
Positions Referrals Downline
1 100 2100
Commission Positions Commission
3500 Upto 30%
Positions Referrals Downline
2 500 6000
Commission Positions Commission
Unlimited Upto 10%
Positions Referrals Downline
3 1500 15000
Commission Positions Commission
Unlimited Upto 15%
Positions Referrals Downline
4 3500 30000
Commission Positions Commission
Unlimited Upto 20%
Positions Referrals Downline
5 7000 50000
Commission Positions Commission
Unlimited Upto 25%
Positions Referrals Downline
6 20000 100000
Commission Positions Commission
Unlimited Upto 30%