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About Our Store

In our online store, You can get high quality products at very cheap rates. You can get your products delivered at home using our shipping options. We are providing products shipments worldwide. We are offering products directly from our manufacturer partners so, you not need to pay taxes and retailer commission. Our Manufacturers include national and multi-national brands. Our Aim is to provide almost all kind of products which are necessary in our daily life. In our store we also offering more discounts on our products if you purchase these products in a package.


Direct Selling and Network Marketing

We already heard about direct selling many times. But, many people not have idea about what the exactly selling is. Actually the direct selling is a way to sell products to customers by the manufacturers without involving the retailers. So, in this case the product is available in less rates than the market rate and profit of retailer is not involved. In TheDownliners we sell our manufacturer partners products to our customers and help them to increase their customer base in their country. We have almost all products which are the needs of a person in daily life from our national and multi-national partners. In this case all TheDownliners customers can purchase these products in very cheap rate than the marketplace. Many companies comes with direct selling concept these days but, no one provide products in less rates, all rates are high due to their compensation plans. Direct Selling is a huge business these days. If you want to become a millionaire or millionaire to billionaire in 2018, then you should join TheDownliners because we have many upcoming opportunities for our Marketers and Leaders. Our Leaders and Marketers can become our Retail partners to sell our products officially in the local stores which is a very big opportunity for you because all the profit that Retailers gain from their sales everyday will be directly shared to our Marketers and Leaders. Also everyone can buy products in less rate from TheDownliners Store and our products quality is very high according to their rates. So, products can be easily sold in the Marketplace also. We recommend you to not miss this trillions opportunity, join it today to have a seat and registration is totally free not hidden charges.


Our Lifecycle

Our Lifecycle Mechanism is very easy to understand. You can become our member by registering in website. Registration is free of cost. A Member can purchase Matrix packages to recruit new purchases under him. Member will earn on every recruit under him (direct or indirect). When Member purchase a matrix package then Member will earn some coins. These coins can be used to purchase products from our website. According to our Lifecycle Member can have multiple Matrix at a time in one account so, this can help him to grow his team and get earnings with his existing referral team. You can get coins from Voucher Redeems. If any member has some coins in website. He can create e-Voucher from coins and other member can redeem to get or use coins in his account.


Matrix Plans

Our current plans based on Advanced Forced Matrix system. In Advanced Forced Matrix, referrals can join under parent Matrix. In this type of Matrix, up to 10 levels are checked for joining. If no sponsor found then referral will join under admin (System).

If sponsor not has matching plan position to his referral then referral position will be counted under a sponsor who has that plan position upto 10 Level (upper). If no sponsor found with that plan position then referral position should be counted under admin (System).

As we told this is Advanced Forced Matrix so if your referrals purchased more than one position at a time or you have more than 2 referrals under you who have purchased same plan position that position will be joined under your Matrix level by level. Sort of joining will be depend on purchase time.


Level 1 $12.5
Level 2 $5
Level 3 $10
Level 4 $20
Level 5 $40
Level 6 $80
Level 7 $96
Level 8 $128
Level 9 $128
Level 10 $256
Total Earnings $775.5
Level 1 $37.5
Level 2 $15
Level 3 $30
Level 4 $60
Level 5 $96
Level 6 $192
Level 7 $288
Level 8 $192
Level 9 $384
Level 10 $768
Total Earnings $2062.5
Level 1 $75
Level 2 $30
Level 3 $60
Level 4 $120
Level 5 $240
Level 6 $384
Level 7 $576
Level 8 $384
Level 9 $768
Level 10 $1536
Total Earnings $4173