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We are Direct Selling and Network Marketing company. TheDownliners brought a gateway between manufacturers and customers. So, Customers can directly purchase products from Manufacturers instead of buying from a retailer.


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Our Vision

Adminisrator, TheDownliners

Our Vision is to provide a platform to people which can provide dream lifestyle to them. TheDownliners is introduced on the concept of Direct Selling and Network Marketing. We saw many companies are coming with new Network Marketing Strategies but, mostly fails or fail to provide lifestyle which they commit. The main reason of failure most of them focus on earnings (Commission earnings) but, they not focus on products which they are providing is sellable or scope of product in Market. Mostly of them has very low quality products which can't sell to other person or in other word there is no reasons for other persons to buy products from them. Another reason of Direct selling failure in these companies is the price factor of products which really matters in Market, Customers always prefer to purchase high quality item in cheap rates. After observing these facts of market we decided to provide a solution to improve people lifestyle. Peoples can buy products from us in cheap rates and can sell products to their customers. We have high quality products and we selected our products on observing their scope of selling in market.

Our Lifecycle

Our Lifecycle Mechanism is very easy to understand. You can become our member by registering in website. Registration is free of cost. A Member can purchase Matrix packages to recruit new purchases under him. Member will earn on every recruit under him (direct or indirect). When Member purchase a matrix package then Member will earn some coins. These coins can be used to purchase products from our website. According to our Lifecycle Member can have multiple Matrix at a time in one account so, this can help him to grow his team and get earnings with his existing referral team. You can get coins from Voucher Redeems. If any member has some coins in website. He can create e-Voucher from coins and other member can redeem to get or use coins in his account.


We introduced this system for jobless persons, marketer or leader and housewives. Now a days many persons are jobless even after completing their professional degrees. Direct selling is only the one business which not need any degree. You just need to motivate people to purchase products from company with your reference and your earnings will start. Also you not need to stuck with your job or you are not bound to a timeframe to do work. You can choose your time for your work. Vice versa for Housewives, they can also work in our platform. They can earn by referring customers to our company. We also provide cosmetics products they can sell these products to their relatives or to their greeting ladies.

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